Free Food Handler and Narcan Training & Certification*

Get Certified!

Are you interested in attending one of our free, 15-minute training classes?  Get certified in Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Administration!

The classes are free and start on the hour, every hour, Saturdays, 10am to 4pm.

Make yourself comfortable in our spacious classroom. Classes run every 30 minutes.
Certificates for both Naloxone Administration and Food Handlers Training are issued upon successful completion of the two courses.

*Please note the details below on Food Handler Certification:

  • Free Food Handlers Training and Certification will be held Saturdays with free 15 minute Naloxone training class.
  • Participants are provided with computer access, writing utensils, paper, access to a color printer along to complete the training and testing portion of the Food Handler course for New Mexico or Arizona.
  • IHS-sponsored Food Handler certification training for tribal lands is also available. Participants are provided free computer and printer access with audio to the official accredited site for IHS Food Handler training.  Please let the staff know which area you need it for so we can refer you to the correct resource.  IHS Food Handler is free and there is no voucher necessary to take the course and exam online.  For more information on the official IHS Food Handler Training, please click here.

The classes are free and start on the hour, every hour, Saturdays, 10am to 4pm.

The Naloxone Administration and Food Handlers training are offered together, and last about an hour.

Call (505) 726-9642, stop by at 600 East Coal Avenue in Gallup, or visit

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