$15 Subway Gift Card Information

Have you seen our ad on GRINDR?  We are looking for volunteers to include their latest screening date on their Grindr profile.  Participants enrolling in this program will receive a $15.00 Subway Gift Card!  Interested?

Here’s how to enroll:

  1. Come in to receive an STI Self-Test Kit.  You test yourself and our staff is here to guide you should you have any questions.
  2.  No appointments will be necessary.  Drop-In Hours are Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 1:30pm (excluding Holidays).
  3. We take our last drop-in appointment at 1:30pm so we can close our facility by 2pm.  Drop-in appointments are first-come, first-serve.
  4. We will not be able to accept any drop-in appointments after 1:30pm.
  5. Once at our site, go in the bathroom, read the instructions within the kit and collect your own specimens (everything but blood).
  6. Drop your completed kit off at our receiving desk.
  7. Log on to Grindr (or other social networking application), and update the “Last Tested Date” in your profile.  Grindr users now have the option of setting reminders for screenings, which we can provide further details on utilizing this new feature.
  8. Pick up your $15 Subway Gift Card by opening your inbox to a valid email provided to us when you registered for services.

…a few notes on program rules:

  • While you can still enroll to volunteer and receive a Subway Gift Card, if you are experiencing any STI symptoms or have had recent sexual contact with someone you know is infected, please visit your local clinic to discuss treatment (i.e., GIMC or NM Dept. of Health McKinley County Public Health Office).  Click here to find your nearest location.
  • We are also available discuss the referral to treatment process with you; however, we do not conduct STI treatment on site.
  • The volunteer program is limited to 100 participants.  When  the limit is reached, we will update this web page with a notification and no longer be issuing Subway gift cards.
  • Each participant is limited to one Subway Gift Card per three month period.
  • STI screening may include a rapid HIV test.  An HIV test is not required to enroll in the volunteer program, but encouraged for HIV negative individuals.

Many Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are asymptomatic. The only way to know for sure whether or not you are infected is to be tested.

Questions about how to use your Subway gift card, click here.