Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need from me for a STI / HIV Screening?  

    • Testing is anonymous and/or confidential.  You decide what means of contact we should reach you at should we need to follow up on your visit.  This can be an email address, cell phone, etc.
    • We will need a valid email address if you wish to participate in our $10 Subway Gift Card program.


What can I get screened for during my visit?

    • We offer a number of testing and screening services at our facility.
    • Remember:  If you are experiencing symptoms and/or you need to be treated for a sexually-transmitted infection, you must seek treatment at one of the nearby clinical facilities and/or urgent care centers.
    • If you arrive on site seeking treatment, our staff will furnish a list of nearby facilities where you may seek treatment.


If you are not having symptoms, we offer the following screenings, tests, and services to our visitors:

    • HIV Testing -Rapid
    • HIV Testing -RNA (conventional)
    • Syphilis Testing -Rapid*
    • Syphilis Testing -Conventional
    • Gonorrhea Testing
    • Chlamydia Testing
    • Non-Specific Urethritis Testing
    • Hepatitis C Testing -Rapid
    • Hepatitis C Testing -Conventional
    • Syringe Services

*Rapid Syphilis Testing is not available for those individuals who have a prior Syphilis history.


How do I know the results of my tests? 

    • No news is good news from us.  If you do not hear from us within two weeks of your visit, that means we did not find anything positive or reactive with your tests.
    •  If you took a “rapid” test (i.e., for HIV or Syphilis), those results are typically available within twenty minutes.
    • If we do need to speak with you concerning your tests, we never leave any personal information on a voicemail or an unidentified source, so we will need to speak with you live.
    • When you registered for the screening, we will reference the contact information you leave us.
    • You decide what means of contact we should reach you at should we need to follow up on your visit.  This can be an email address, cell phone, etc.
    • For further information on obtaining results, please contact us at (505) 726-9642 Option 4.


What am I volunteering for in exchange for the $10 Subway Gift Card? 

    • We ask that you update your social-networking application (i.e., Grindr, Scruff, Tinder, etc.) profile with the current “Last Tested Date”.
    • Please note that we realize there are other fields available on Grindr that enable users to list their HIV status and PrEP usage; however, those two fields are not in scope of this volunteer program.
    • We ask that you list your “last tested date”, which is typically the month and year.
    • As of the Spring of 2019, there is now a field (on Grindr) to set a reminder for follow up screening(s).


I do not have a smartphone or a profile on the social-networking application (i.e., Grindr), can I still get a Gift Card? 

    • Please come by to speak with us about ways you can still volunteer to indicate your current status by regular screening and taking ownership of your sexual health.


I have a profile on Grindr, but no ride to the location.  What ways can I get there?

    • There are a number of ways to get here.  Click here for information on public transportation options.


How often should I get tested? 

    • Depending on a number of factors, the frequency of how often one should be screened can be found by clicking here.
    • Grindr users can now set a reminder within the app to for routine screening.


How can I contact Gallup Health Cooperative?

    • You may reach us at any of the following methods below.   Please note that we do give out information regarding your medical records over the phone if you call us, so you will not be able to call in and get your results.
    • If we call you or you receive a telephone call from us, please let us know you are calling us back when you return the call.
      • Walk-In:  600 E Coal Ave, Gallup, NM  87301
      • Telephone:  (505) 726-9642
      • Fax:   (505) 726-9642 – start transmission at any time
      • Email:  info@gallupcooperative.org


Private waiting area during screenings.